Saturday, April 11, 2015

CSA Shares Still Available

7th generation discovering flowers
Just a quick update from the farm. Folks are asking. Word is spreading. There are only 6 shares available for the upcoming season. If you are planning on joining, I recommend doing so this week. We would love to have you join the CSA! There are both Full and Half share sizes. Full Share ($525) is usually one full grocery bag of produce and 1/2 bag of greens. Half Share ($295) is approximately 1/2 grocery bag of produce and 1/4 bag of greens. Some weeks will be fuller. Please find more description on our CSA page. If you have questions on availability or shares, feel free to call us. We look forward to a great season full of delicious and nutrient-packed veggies, fruit, greens, herbs and flowers!

Around the farm, we are fine-tuning the tractors, equipment and tools to prepare the fields and plant the first crops by the beginning of May. The new greenhouse is complete and already filling up with young onions, leeks, celery, celeriac, broccoli, cabbage, and kohlrabi. Garlic is sprouting through its winter hay quilt. Pepper and tomato seedlings are beginning to pop. The bees are busy pollinating the first wildflowers. And the sun peeks through the window a little earlier each morning. Looking forward to sharing the harvest and the farm life with you this season.

2015 Garlic crop

Onions and Leeks

Broccoli and Cabbage

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