Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Year Here

March 6th marked the one-year anniversary of our move to Lockport, NY to start our new life as farmers. It feels like only last week that we moved to a blanket of freshly fallen snow and set about cleaning out the barn until we were so cold we couldn’t feel our fingers. Then, growing a jungle of seed starters in our apartment and wrestling trees to the ground to build a hops trellis. This March, we're taken with a spring heat wave and watching the daffodils that we planted in the fall bloom early.
Daffodil foreground, Tractor and packing sheds background
The year went by so quickly. When we look back, we realize that we accomplished loads in that time. We have done a lot of farming, continued repairs on our new adopted home and begun organizing the McCollum family history. We’ve made wonderful friends and colleagues, too. Mostly, we’ve learned that we still have a lot to learn. 
The conviction that this is what we’re meant to do grows stronger with every soil block, every new bud, and every rookie mistake. We've been reminded many times by the property that we're the new kids on the block. This place - house, land, soil, barn - has been here for almost two centuries. Oh the stories it could tell. Slowly, we are peeling back the layers and listening to the old memories whisper. How did they plant back in the day? With all the changes we've made, we believe that the old spirits approve of what we're up to. (They haven't spooked us yet!) And, something interesting has occurred enough times that we have come to rely on it. Whenever we need something, some tool or just the right size bolt or a missing tile that they don't make anymore, we find it. Just like that, within a few days of wanting it, we'll stumble across it unexpectedly. We call it, "The House Giveth."  We've heard other farmers who work on old farms talk of this, too. Whatever it is, we appreciate this little "sign" from the ancestors that we're on the right track. (Well, it's fun to fantasize that's what it is!)
We want to thank all our friends, family and neighbors who have supported and encouraged us along the way! We cannot wait to see what this year brings. Hopefully, another step closer to our dream farm, a house that’s a little cleaner, and some good fresh-hopped beer to sip on.

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  1. Happy anniversary of becoming farmers! You seem to be embracing this new life and doing well in it.