Friday, April 29, 2011

Tree Carnage and Baby Kittens: 48 hours on a farm

Tree Carnage

Just when we thought the end of the week would be calm – all winds broke loose. Literally. On Thursday, the wickedest wind storm in anyone’s memory tore through Lockport. Niagara Falls Airport clocked 80 mph winds. About 50 trees were knocked down, taking down power lines and cables on every single street around the property. The biggest was a 100-year old elm that took up part of the road and crushed a metal fence and a stone wall. All day long, people stopped to stare and take photos because it really is a sight to see.

From McCollum Orchards & Home

Newborn Kittens

Recovering from tree carnage on Friday, we tried to get back to work clearing the hops field. In the morning, Rich opened the tractor shed and heard some faint meowing from a corner. On closer look, he found a few (maybe 3 or 4) newborn kittens huddled together underneath the work table. They were definitely not there on Wednesday. That means they were born during Thursdays scary storms! We brought some milk and cat food for the mama cat and then left the shed for the rest of the day. Before we left in the evening, we peeked in and saw the mama cat’s eyes peering back. Most people don’t feed feral cats. But, we hope they’ll stick around and help keep the vermin away. As Rich’s mom says, a farm always needs a good mouser cat.

Always some excitement going on a farm!

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